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A Day Trip to Guilt or A Guilt Trip Today

So, I set my face to the north and walked as far as I could go

I had a mini awakening as I trampled through the snow

I had trekked past the north pole and started heading south

Cos you can only go north as far as them physics will allow

So, I went down to the equator to march around to the west

Well, there’s a protocol that kicks in, ha, yeah, who’d have guessed

Cos you can follow the sun’s path for forever and a day

And you’ll never come to a place where the west will be

Now as this is Christian I better fetch you a Bible quote

So, I’ll read out some words our friend King David wrote

He said “As far as the east is from the west

So far does He remove our transgressions from us

And I think this is a lesson for us all to learn

Or choose to ignore if you’d prefer a burn

Cos these here are some words on the subject of guilt

That breaks many hearts and distracts countless wills

It don’t need to twist us, that sure weren’t the plan

But we’ve got it all mixed up, well we are just man

The plan was for us to bring it to the foot of the cross

And just plain leave it there, turn a negative to a plus

Now as I depend on Jesus to wash away my sin

I let go of the power of guilt cos it’s so controlling

When I take a minor tumble and graze my spiritual knees

I’m meant to own it to Jesus but not let it own me

And there’s one thing about which I’m absolutely sure

I don’t spend the next few days bringing it back to His door

I leave it there the first time and trust that it’s forgiven

And get on with my life with his peace that’s been given

I’m moving away from guilt that tries to tell me I’m no good

And trusting that love letter written in blood on a cross of wood

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