So where we at ?

24 Aug

I’ve spent my adult life in and out of English churches. I got prayed into the kingdom by the women of the Lydia movement but I was already broken. As time passed I began to see certain patterns and noticed what the taboo subjects were. It has taken until this point in my life to really get a grip on the basic facts that God loves each and every one of the broken people in this world (funny that, I’m not the only one), that our best resource in the world is each other (accountability etc) and that the present model of the physical representation of the word church is more broken than its occupants.

There is absolutely no way that anyone can read the New testament and decide that what’s happening in English churches is a good representation. If within any group of believers, there are taboo subjects then there will problems. Those that publically gather together are Ambassadors and if they can actually close their minds to the subjects that matter in this broken world then they will never reach the lost. If after finding the occasional lost sheep they continue to ignore the fact that their church is already full of mainly broken people that need discipling not just seats to sit in and small groups to be slowly put back together in not to hide in afraid that they might be called out for being a weak crazy fake any second.

God gave eve to adam to give him company and support etc. We need each other. From the start of the Book it sets up a family scenario. We need each other. We get caught up in our understanding of the word family and lose its width, depth, height and length. We need each other. The book also tells us that we actually are blimming useless. We need each other. For fucks sake WE NEED EACH OTHER.

Unfortunately, there are too many men that are so broken that when they are offered unconditional love they can’t just accept it without adding at least a million rules. The women are more likely to accept this love because they have the closer relationship with their mother and any children they might have. The mother child relationship is possibly the closest to unconditional love in this world. The fathers can have as close a relationship but not many are taught how to achieve this and jealousy kicks in real hard when they have to wait for their turn or do gooey things.

In my humble opinion we need to go back to family groups. But these groups need to live with each other or as near as damn possible. These groups are the midweek groups. They need diversity of age and open minds. Above all else, they need to concentrate on actually getting to know each other. Which is why they need to stay fairly small. Within these groups, the concept of freedom from the past can be realised and understanding of the truth of God’s unconditional love will grow but this often takes much talking, praying and love. It is hard to do much of this if contact is less than regular. Everyone needs to be heard and the emphasis needs to be love. Within this framework, people can get right-sized about what is happening in the Spiritual world because this is where reality occurs.

The world is best reached through relationship. We all want to be loved. A small group of people moving in their community with a realised knowledge that they are loved by the creator of everything will soon make relationships with the lost broken people. When people are confident that they are truly chosen as ambassadors in the world they do great things. What happens next is the start of dreams.


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3 responses to “So where we at ?

  1. Chris

    Aug 24, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    Great stuff as usual!

  2. Rachel Burton

    Aug 25, 2019 at 1:55 am

    Thanks for this Lee.

    Excuse the time I’m writing, been feeling nauseous so having a ginger tea! I totally agree about our need for deeper relationships and community. I’m increasingly interested in the idea of missional community – perhaps living in community with others who want to live out our faith together and be real with each other. I have a boyfriend, Alex, who is exploring starting something like this particularly for ex-offenders. If that kind of thing appeals to you, I think there are a few things out there, including the growing movement of new monastic communities. Alex is part of the young Franciscans, some of whom live in community and others are dispersed members but they commit to a way of life which includes praying and eating together, and living simply, serving the local community etc. I think it’s really interesting and demonstrates your point about our need for community and each other. Maybe something for you to explore! Let me know if you’d like to know more.



    • Lee Davey

      Aug 29, 2019 at 9:18 pm

      Hi Rachel
      Seems like ages since we’ve connected. I’m still fascinated by your lightly dropped “I’ve got 2 tatoos”. Information is requested.
      It would appear that we have similar thinking. I have been taken through a journey since first hitting ‘recovery’ in 2004 and finding that it wasn’t me for the first time. When I look at the basics of the 12 step movement and consider that this had its source in the Oxford movement I am convinced that there must be some vital ideas for us all to consider. I feel that the process of letting go of the past is often reached far too early. Its taken me the best part of fifteen years. I think that we need to consider that people need to be loved into submission and this will never happen with a single midweek group.
      My plan is to go to Teen Challenge Leadership Academy just outside Nottingham next weekend for a year course. When I attend the church that they are closely attached to I will seek out other similarly minded individuals. If I can’t find them there I will look elsewhere. If it is Gods plan that I find or start a group willing to dedicate time together for both social and Spiritual fulfilment while at Teen Challenge then all will be good but I am open to my search taking longer.
      Throughout my life in the English Church, I have heard the request that we keep in mind the early church of the new testament but we don’t seem to realise our need to be seeking the community aspect that they had. We have almost completely lost the power that eating together can hold especially when this includes a natural move into bread and wine.
      As my thoughts find more flesh I will be writing more on this whole subject.

      Always good to hear from you. Ah, the blessings of a sensibly used interweb.


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