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Redacting the Bible

As I search for a deeper walk with my God, I am finding myself tempted to enter the crazy land of ‘foolish disputes, genealogies, contentions, and strivings about the law’. I am, in fact, striving to stay away from such but others around me are falling headlong into these with a relish that entices me. As I steer myself past the conversations about the ‘Book of Enoch’ and the arguments concerning ‘the lost ten tribes of Israel’ I am surprised by what seem to be very sensible, upright and well-educated people that are professing to be in possession of truths that only the wisest of believers can understand. One of the things that all these teachings hold in common is the need to redact certain segments of the Bible in order to present their preferred revised version of the truth.

I am using the terms ‘redact’ and ‘redacting’ here to mean the wholesale blanking out of the parts of the Bible that either disagrees with their ‘new’ truth or has to go because their ‘new’ truth means that it is also shown to be not relevant to those ‘in the know’.

One of the latest ideas that I have come into contact with is that the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ is, in fact, old covenant and therefore actually dangerous for those of us living in the new covenant. The dangers seem to be the way that this prayer is holding us in old outdated viewpoints. These ‘new truths’ centre around the fact that everything before the death of our saviour is by definition ‘old covenant’. It is only after His death that the new covenant started and therefore anything written before this, it would appear, is not for us. It is by the death of Jesus that sin was defeated, our salvation becomes available and Gods kingdom shall be accessible and so we need to be wary of any writing that does not take this into account.

Whilst, on the one hand, I can see a certain truth in this teaching, unfortunately, I can also see that this means that I will now need to redact most if not all of the four gospels. If the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ is only written for those that were around before Jesus went to the cross then surely everything written in the gospels also comes under that same description. If the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ involves truths that hold us in dangerous outdated viewpoints then all of his teachings have to fall into that description. I really can not be bothered to pick out a few particular passages and attempt to show how these hold truths that are universal and relevant to us all, please just accept the truth that I know that all of Jesus’ teachings are and I can not be picking apart this prayer to show the dangerous elements or even the relevant truths

I have been told on a number of occasions that the Bible has at least 365 verses that tell us to not fear and therefore one for every day of the year. I have no problem believing that my God would want me to really take on board the truth that I should not be living in fear but I am yet to be persuaded that He would actually do something as trite as this. I am also convinced that He knew what He was doing when He guided certain of His children to write the books of the Bible. So if anyone tells me that certain parts of His Holy word are not relevant or even worse are actually dangerous for new covenant believers then you can be sure that the hackles on the back of my neck have not only risen but are standing as firm as the best ever ‘Mohican’ hairstyle. No, no and thrice no.

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