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What are we going to do today ?

For a number of weeks my ‘mantra’ for the day has been along the lines of ‘what are we going to do today . . .we’re going to try to get through the day with as little pain as possible’.At those times that my loving God steps into my control tower I am able to stretch it to ‘to ourselves and those around us’ but that’s only with (holy) spiritual help.

At times I am very aware that if certain people knew what I was doing ‘to get through the day’ they would be,yet again,disappointed because their expectations of me are so out of line with who I actually am.

Obviously that last statement lives on a sliding scale of how much any of those certain people actually know me.

As I sit and think through the teachings of the bible and my experience of life (especially life lived within the English Church ‘fellowship’ as a single person) I can’t help but see that the effects of ‘sin’ are rife within our lives.

So that any choices that I may make ‘to get through the day’ are riding high on top of the long list of ways that I am not living up to the standards that the Bible inspires me to reach.Standards that would mean changing my lifestyle so drastically that even in my present situation I would feel bereft of the ‘luxuries’ that I am ‘accustomed’ to (both physical and emotional).

I think through the examples of human life when seen through the pages of the Bible and I see people drawing a line in the sand and then stepping back and drawing a new line when the first line had been crossed,I see people living with the consequences of their actions and somehow holding onto a promise,I see real life in all it’s glory.

It just feels as if someone has turned the volume controls up since then.

In fact maybe all the controls.


I am kinda convinced that Paul was right when speaking of the effects of sin . . . and how it grows . . .and how long it’s been since then . . .

That’s a whole lot of poison infecting and mutating and infecting ad nauseam.

So I look at my mantra and feel that I must be doing pretty good on the whole cos I am not only still breathing but I am also giving to others beyond my comfort zone.

As if I can claim that I am doing it by any power other than the same power that keeps all the fantastic array of things in our universe turning in their paths.He loves me so much that I could never explain it this side of eternity unless you know that love yourself . . .and even then my explanations would only add to the knowledge you already have.


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