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Negative Biblical Verses

Once you’ve read the Bible through and began the journey of returning to its pages for more knowledge and insight you are likely to notice that certain passages imply that they can viewed in a way that can be likened to photographic negatives.Where the writer is quite clearly setting out one side of an imaginary line of behaviour or understanding which can then be used to determine the other side of the line.As I said negatives.

Two of my favourites are to be found in Philippians 4:8  & 1 John 4:7

In Philippians Paul speaks of the noble and good thoughts we are to encourage and dwell within as we work to transform our minds.These verses carry far more weight in these ‘end times’ of ours.We are living in a place in time that brings such a vast range of options to ‘entertain’ us that we can easily find ourselves doing the complete opposite or the negative of what he suggests.

It is harder and harder to engage with these forms of ‘entertainment’ without finding ourselves being fed with a diet of murder,crime,sexual infidelity and so many other levels of hedonism.Slowly the Christian artists are making inroads in these multi-million dollar industries but for now it is sometimes easier to accept the trash while searching for nuggets of ‘JOY’.

In the verse that John wrote he is talking about the truth that God is Love. “For love is from God,and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God”. Ok so if that is true then there is at least one negative here and the one I want to point out is that if whoever loves has been born of God then surely whoever has not been born of God ¬†does not and can not understand love in its real workings.In fact I would go as far as to suggest that anyone that has not turned their life over to God does not know love.

With God is love.Without God is no love.All our friends,relatives and loved ones that do not know God as a saving God of grace and forgiveness can not really have any understanding of love.Each time that they let us down and cause us distress they are just following patterns of behaviour that cover over their need of love,just like we still do even though we have found the source of all true love.

There are many ways of reading the Bible and each will bring fruit but we are finely tuned individuals who need to remember that we do not always conform to any singular approach but need to be open-minded to all.

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