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I am a Sojournalist.

Sojourn – >n 1 a short stay in a place >vb 2 to stay temporarily.

This simple word holds so much power to me.Like Abraham and Paul,I am a sojournalist here on planet Earth.I am here for a season,a short albeit bumpy ride through life.The span of my time here in comparison with the ‘eternity’ I fully expect to spend with my redeemer Jesus is so small that I can’t possibly begin to measure it.Having already got 48 years under my belt I am very aware that time as we know it is fleeting and I have a certain understanding of the ‘chasing after the wind’ that the writer of Proverbs talks about.

Those times that I can keep this reality foremost in my mind I find that struggles and hardship take a back seat and I get more space in my head to get on with those things that I need to do.I see how important it really is to spend loads of time worrying over problems that will be forgotten in 6 months time (A great litmus test by the way).I also see with a clearer eye how important it is to live a life that will attract others to Jesus.If my time here is so short then what I choose to do with it is vital.

And of course those times that I let the things of this life take my attention from the spiritual truth involved then I struggle with the lightest hic-cup and find peace to be a stranger.How can I possibly manage to get through my day when I have to give so much of myself to others before I can even begin to try to sort out my excessively large problems,I know that financially I am just about to be taken to the nearest creditors and hung out to dry any minute now and the word perspective only means something meaningless about distance and angle.

How good it is that my Bible has many instances where it gives me a fresh look at how short this life is and how I can be assured that the whole thing is a part of a bigger,well thought out plan that God is fully in control of.Nearly every saint and good man written about in those pages has already found this truth out,I know this because they are part of the past and not the present.And boy do I need reminders like these to keep me in the here and now,the very short here and now.

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Keep ’em peeled

Coming back to the incredibly useful ‘gratitude is the attitude’ topic,which I probably will do a lot here,I find myself repeatedly grateful that God has given me ‘eyes to see’.Meaning that I am regularly noticing and fascinated by the wonders that nature and at times man made objects bring us.I draw great pleasure in looking at the various ‘sign-posts’ to Jesus that are all around us.

My understanding of Romans 1:19-20 is that the world around us is a massive great sign-post pointing straight at God and screaming out about his attributes.I see the artistic hand of God in the amazing way He uses tiny drops of water floating in the sky to create awesome scenes of unutterable beauty.I get inspired by the tenacious grasp on life that certain plants show under extreme conditions of circumstances.I just love a lot of the sights and sounds of the world around me.

For a long time I have taken particularly stunning sights as an encouragement that God is telling me in a very personal way that I am on the right track.Whenever I see deer,badgers or other similarly shy creatures I am reminded of the wonder of the creator and feel a special blessing is mine.I choose to take it personally and I choose to get lost in awe that the all-powerful creator of the universe has decided to get personal with me.

And yes this is a choice issue to me.I choose to see God as a personal ‘fully interested in me’ God.The Bible speaks to me of a God that cares about the little things in His children’s lives.The long lists of names in the old testament and the incredibly detailed accounts of the commandments and precepts tells me that God cares deeply for the individuals involved.

So I choose to take His blessings as personal and this view-point has to lead me into gratitude.I am grateful that He has made this world so beautiful and I am grateful that He has given me ‘eyes to see’.

And it is true that the more grateful I get then the more I find things to be grateful for,it is one of the vicious circles that I don’t mind getting caught in.


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